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Hidden Prices and Rising Rates

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See how the lack of cost transparency affects North Carolinians.

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Common Care. Uncommon Costs.

A national study comparing costs for angioplasties – one of the most common procedures for treating heart disease – found that costs within the Raleigh-Durham area varied by 32 percent, in the Greensboro-Winston-Salem area by 65 percent and in the Charlotte-Gastonia area by as much as 140 percent.56

Another study comparing prices for eight common medical services found that Raleigh has the sixth-highest rates, on average, for lower-back MRIs and the fourth-highest for head/brain CT scans.57 Charlotte, on the other hand, ranks seventh highest for head/brain CT scans and fifth highest for preventive gynecological exams.58

If comparing just a handful of procedures seems a bit narrow, consider still another study that found that North Carolina ranks above the national average when it comes to 162 common medical services. We pay more, in fact, than California, New York, New Jersey – and more than many of our geographically closer neighbors including Tennessee, Maryland, Georgia, Kentucky and Florida.59

Truth or Tale: Higher Prices = Better Care

Though it might seem that higher prices always mean higher-quality care, research tells us otherwise.60, 61, 62

What to do? Greater access to pricing and quality information can help patients reduce their health care costs and make informed decisions about their care. Ninety percent of the time, people equipped with this kind of information will choose a low-cost, high-quality health care plan.63

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Truth or Tale: Higher Prices = Better Care

How can I get access to more pricing information?

For Blue Cross NC customers, Blue Connect is a great place to start. Customers can log in and compare the price of common procedures. And with the Blue Cross NC cost transparency tool, any North Carolinian can search common procedures and compare estimates between nearby hospitals.

Not a Blue Cross NC Member? Use the Cost Transparency Tool.

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