Changing Rules: Regulations and Chain Reactions

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One Decade. A 55% Increase in Cost.

In the past decade alone, the average cost to insure a family has jumped 55 percent.69 This trend is unsustainable.


State mandates require insurance plans to cover certain conditions, procedures and tests. They also increase insurance costs for some Blue Cross NC customers by requiring people to pay for coverage they don’t necessarily want or need.

As of May 2016, North Carolina has 57 state regulations, or “mandates”.70, 71 This places our state in the top third of the country when it comes to the number of state mandates.72

Incidentally, health care mandates weren’t always a thing. Today, there are more than 2,200 mandates on the books nationwide.73 The number back in 1970? Nearly zero.74

North Carolina State Capitol building